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It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our website. We began this company with nothing much more than a pocket full of dreams. Ours is a young company, in years and in attitude. We dream big and we are not afraid to try out even seemingly impossible ideas. We are driven to make a mark in every field that we enter. We are sometimes impatient with ourselves, but we have no fear of failure. We realize that some our most significant learnings have come from our failures. And they have become stepping stones to our most significant successes.

We want to drive the market – we don’t want to be driven by it. We have been launching niche products, changing our processes, changing the consumer’s expectations and changing mindsets at an amazingly rapid pace. But there are a few things we will not change. Our passion for life. Life is our lifetime passion.

2011 marked a year of inspiring accomplishments, the result of our coordinated efforts to build the Fidelity of tomorrow. We are investing our resources, ideas and energies to emerge as a niche player in the branded generics business in India. In 2011, we have faced lot of challenges in establishing ourselves as one of the prominent player in cardiovascular and anti-diabetics segment in Maharashtra and we could meet those challenges to the best of our abilities. We are on expansion drive over next 2 years to be a nationwide player commanding a significant market share in this segment. Our objective to create a sustainable enterprise in the cardiovascular and diabetic branded generics segment. We would achieve this by

  • Focus on brand building and driving competitive differentiation for selected products
  • Winning with the right customers, excelling in customer and service intimacy
  • Recruiting, training, developing and retaining the right passionate people by ensuring due recognition for personal and professional growth

In our business plan, the following four principles are laid down which stress that the longer term business priorities reconfirm our standards of behavior :

  • Customer Value : We would add value to our customers’ businesses with solutions that satisfy their unique needs.
  • Creative : We would constantly generate new ideas in differentiating our products from the rest of competitors.
  • Expertise : We would share professional resources, knowledge, our competencies and achievements with our customers.
  • Customer Value : We would add value to our customers’ businesses with solutions that satisfy their unique needs.

Recently, we have forayed in contract manufacturing (CMO) business with Fidelity Magbro Life Sciences LLP by forging a joint venture partnership with one of the reputed “WHO approved” manufacturer to expand our footprints in global markets. In CMO business, our long term vision is to emerge as a niche pharmaceutical player with a focus on sterile injectables. We are confident that this can be achieved – both as a result of our organic growth and also through acquisitions.

What the future holds for fidelity Life Sciences? Even taking into consideration the global macroeconomic volatilities, I would confidently say it is promising. There are a number of things on our radar :

  • Expand branded generics business to have all India presence;
  • Expand product portfolio through a consistent pipeline;
  • Accelerate geographic expansions for contract manufacturing business in emerging markets (South East Asia, Africa and Brazil)
  • Foray into high-growth sterile injectables business;
  • Develop Research and Development capabilities into value-generating space and complex delivery mechanism platforms;
  • Explore new avenues (Ophthalmics, Biosimilars and Peptides)

Each day is a day to deliver at Fidelity. Every day, I see how the dedication and hard work of my colleagues are quietly transforming the face of Fidelity – making it future ready. As health challenges multiply in societies across the world, we would be focusing on enriching innovations and partnerships to help those in pain and misery. We will continue delivering on our commitments and help drive positive health outcomes for millions of people across the world.

It would be indeed satisfying for all of us to witness a fulfilling journey of our enterprise that is deeply motivated by its commitment to healthcare and create value for Indian society. Fidelity group looks to the future with confidence, driven by an inspiring vision, values of trust and vitality powered by dedicated human resources team.

Best Regards

Dr. Satish Bhide

Managing Director

Fidelity Life Sciences Private Limited

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